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When Hazel started to feature on podcasts, it was natural for her to collaborate with platforms with shared values - leadership, connection, and unconditional love. ProjectAntiporta also holds experiences, play, and community in its ethos; features that help link multiple platforms cohesively.

Chatting with these platforms about what it means to return to self, connecting with one’s inner child, reliving what it means to live authentically, returning to the higher power, connecting with the body and understanding the mind, and being one with the soul unravels the deep mysteries that reside within us.


Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope

Teaching Yourself How to Heal Your Inner Child

Inner Child Healing: A Conversation with Hazel Antiporta

How childhood neglect can affect our adult relationships

Healing your inner child, Mindset work and Getting Unstuck

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The inner child is a living essence within us, a part of our subconscious mind. It is a narrative that coincides with our emotional processing. Almost like a default setting that is activated when triggered by unhealed childhood conditionings. Tuning into the inner child can help you break cycles that are manifested into your adulthood while showing how you can break generational trauma. We then restore the balance within and ground ourselves with the energies that encompass our very being.

The only thing stopping you is you. To break the cycles of self-sabotage, one must realize what it means to break through mental blockages. It is the fundamentals of what opportunities you attract and common situations you find yourself in. Remember, you repeat the same cycles from when you were younger - that goes the same for your past and present relationships.

When we start to tap into other people's opinions about ourselves instead of considering our needs first, we begin to put ourselves second. This is where you slowly lose your identity. The essence that makes you alive. The love you have for yourself. So… how do we stop this? It starts with you pouring in that love into yourself first. It's that love you're currently giving to others. That's when we begin to truly value your space because you then understand what it means to live for you.

Our wounded inner child tries hard to get our needs for love, care and attention met. It can cause us to manipulate people and situations to our own advantage, perhaps by becoming overly dependant upon someone else to meet our needs - as if they were our idealised parent. Alternatively if we have given up on our efforts to get our needs for love met by someone else we might then become emotionally cut off and overly self-reliant and super-independent. All of which keep us disconnected from mature love – the very love that could heal our early wound

There are times where we get overwhelmed with ourselves. It’s a normal process of life, but how are you navigating your path? Are you having a difficult time adjusting yourself and your life in the last few years? Are you trying to reimagine a new path for yourself but constantly get back to square one? Listen to this podcast for some tips to get yourself unstuck and start transforming!

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