Designed to help those who struggle with people-pleasing, shame, perfectionism, confusion, or guilt for following a different path or a different identity from what your family has for you.

 It’s time that you break self-abandonment and self-sabotage patterns to create a fulfilling life on your terms, to get where you want to head in life.

VIP 1:1 Mentorship

It’s time to step into something new. Make the decision to no longer operate your life with doubt and instability. It’s time for change.

Together we create a personalized program that looks into your subconscious mind and sees what “cycles” (limiting beliefs) aren't working in your favour. Then we will let them go and solidify your foundation by strengthening a true understanding of yourself that helps you flourish. It's time for you to leave guesswork of not knowing why you aren’t excelling in life and actually start living the best life for you.