It’s the paradise, the end goal we wish to reach. The YOU unchained from generational stories, free from survival mode, standing in power, living in creation and purpose.

I help break generational chains. It's time to free you from stories of shame, perfectionism, and self-doubt - guiding you towards your purpose and building the strongest foundation for your career, business, or passion. 

Certified NLP Life Coach & Hypnotherapist with a specialization in Generational Healing through Inner-Child work

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The Releasings are our neuroscience based approach to meditation & self hypnosis. 


Picture yourself situated in a place where you’re constantly on edge. It’s been quite challenging to move forward with your goals when you constantly feel like you're running on sand.

After trying to escape in this desert, you still find yourself in the same place. Internally, you keep “working hard” to feel appreciated and loved. But you still feel like you’re where you started, stuck and exhausted – but you can’t fathom the idea of rest. You don’t know why. 

The scary part is that, you know some of your friendships, relationships, job, and habits are draining you, but you find safety in holding on – because you believe it's better to hold on than let go.

Now, I want to ask you: how long do you think you’ll have to keep running to find that 
happiness you’re searching for?


I hear you, it's not your fault. These patterns didn’t start with you, in fact, it's a story passed down from your parents – they gave you what they know. 

This is the desert where you’ve been trying to make a home. What if our parents were working with survival tools to get where they are now, but didn’t know how to expand from there? They searched and searched for their oasis, but because of external, social, and generation conditioning, they learned to settle for less. 

It became a means to adapted in survival mode. As a consequence, our caregivers grew to believe that becoming the person they always wished to be as hopeful, “childish” and unrealistic. They then tried to pass that story down to you. 


Now, you know deep in your heart that you want more in life, you crave to take a chance and a part of you is finally willing to search for more out in this desert. Not to find a home situated in another part of the desert, but your oasis.

 It’s the paradise we always wished to reach. The YOU unchained from these generational stories. The life free from survival mode - living in creation and purpose.




Here’s how we can get you the help you need:

Is this you?

Sounds familiar?

I’m ready  to leave my toxic past behind and learn to give my needs to myself. I need a step by step accountability plan to reach that next level.

Or is this more like it?

I need to stop hurting myself by placing other people’s needs before mine. I’m not sure why I do this and I need to get myself out.

I want to be part of hundreds of other people who are just confident in their own skin. I don’t want to struggle on my own anymore. Teach me thy ways!