Ready to get your mind to work with you? And finally, be your own cheerleader. I am sharing ALL of my secrets about how I broke my cycles and changed my reality to achieve healthy relationships, my ideal partner, a meaningful lifestyle, and a purposeful career.

I help free you from stories of shame, perfectionism, and self-doubt - guiding you towards your purpose and building the strongest foundation for your career, business, or passion. 

Certified NLP Life Coach & Hypnotherapist with a specialization in Generational Healing through Inner-Child

Hey, It's Hazel!

I'm ready to work with you

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  • You're constantly attracting the same type of relationships no matter how often you try to change your approach.
  • You find yourself playing small in life - you want to break out of this mentality but you find it challenging to break out of your comfort zone

  • You're constantly self-sabotaging your friendships, relationships, goals, and other commitments

  • You keep experiencing the same disappointments from others

  • You're giving all your love to others but not receiving it back

Did I read your mind? I thought so.

I’ve helped many people just like you…

And that’s because not only have I gone through exactly what you're facing right now, I have coached hundreds of people to move with purpose in their lives, find the right people for them, and teach them how to achieve authentic confidence, so they’re not chasing others to feel good enough. 
  • Develop high emotional intelligence and create awareness of their unconscious thoughts

  • Escape from patterns of attracting toxic & shallow relationships

  • Build independence after years of codependency in others

  • Release procrastination habits stopping them from pursuing life goals

  • Release self-sabotaging behaviours and limiting beliefs to show up as their best-next level

  • Attract abundance and build a healthier relationship with money 

After I left my last toxic relationship, I practiced and integrated different healing modalities into my life and once I found the key, I found what type of work I want to venture in, I met my ideal partner, and developed more meaningful relationships around me. I finally released chains that weren’t serving me anymore. Now, I am teaching you 

Some of my top clients have gone from toxic relationships to finding their ideal partner, being broke to having a successful business, feeling lost as a people pleaser to unapologetically standing up for themselves, and even self-sabotaging their life to finally achieving their goals. This was all done by using my OASIS formula. I believe the quality of your life should continually increase while staying detached from your goals. 

I'm ready for this



Here’s how we can get you the help you need:

Is this you?

Sounds familiar?

I’m ready  to leave my toxic past behind and learn to give my needs to myself. I need a step by step accountability plan to reach that next level.

Or is this more like it?

I need to stop hurting myself by placing other people’s needs before mine. I’m not sure why I do this and I need to get myself out.

I want to be part of hundreds of other people who are just confident in their own skin. I don’t want to struggle on my own anymore. Teach me thy ways!