Hi, I’m Hazel Antiporta

I help you let go of your generational chains and inner child wounds. To step into your power and live in your OASIS


I’m quite adventurous, an adrenaline junkie, and a trauma-informed & spiritual teacher, who has spent the last decade of her life practicing and integrating week after week on how to heal wounds and break free of generational chains while mastering energetics. 

Growing up in a Filipino immigrant family as the eldest child, I know what it’s like to feel shackled by cultural and societal expectations; to feel the pressure to chase a lifestyle or persona that others want for you —and knowing it doesn’t feel right. 

As someone who grew up in a codependent, dysfunctional upbringing, I have been in your shoes. Over time, I have developed the practical tools, spiritual + psychological wisdom, and actionable steps to help you heal but also THRIVE and become the most empowered, magnetic, and purposeful person you know. 

Together, we will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We will lead our future by example. I’m here to help find your oasis to who you really are.


Common therapy or life coaching practices focus on the present + future tense, partnered with practical tools that only hit the surface level. Don’t get me wrong, these still work. I was in therapy and tried different life coaching practices for several years, but I found the change I wanted was quite slow and these tools only worked superficially. So I combined all of the strengths of these programs and incorporated tools that addressed deeper issues.

In the last seven years, I found the most credible result starts from questioning where our beliefs stem from. When we start to question why we behave/why we react to certain situations, we realize these stories aren’t even “real” — we made them up as a way to cultivate safety. Sometimes, it's not even a story we made ourselves.

It could even be an “energy” that was passed down through DNA. It’s not even your story you’re living through. And that’s the scary part, a lot of professionals don’t realize this — it’s like applying a band-aid to an area that actually needs medical attention.

This understanding is one of the core foundations of what makes ProjectAntiporta different. What we do is identify the lifestyle you’re actually dreaming of and then examine what parts of yourself are holding you back. 

We go deep into your subconscious mind using the OASIS pillars, followed by The Releasing methodology. We see where the anchors (limiting beliefs) are holding you back, find a way to let them go so you rise from those events. This OASIS process is backed by neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, spirituality, and energetics. 

We reprogram the subconscious beliefs you picked up during childhood, throughout your life, and throughout your past generations. 

 I recognized a gap in the healing community, so I set out to create what I needed.


When I was around 18 years old, I entered my first abusive, highly dysfunctional relationship. For the next few years after that, I was chasing a lifestyle to prove to him that I wasn’t anything he called me. I was ‘successful’ but this led to high functioning anxiety, self-abandonment issues, and escapism. But after that breakup, numerous toxic relationships followed-up after.

Though, he wasn’t to blame — my story was. My story was: over-giving, over-functioning, pleasing to secure love and affection while mistaking chaos for passion. In fact, this chased me in almost every sector of my life. This was a story given to me during childhood. This break-up broke me down to break me open.

As a childhood trauma and sexual assault survivor whose ancestors struggled with years of violence, playing small, and anxiety, I subconsciously carried all that energy on my shoulders for most of my life. This toxic break-up was just a small symptom of the deep pain I was ignoring.

Since then, I have been on this amazing journey to healing, self-liberation, and transformation. But this journey isn’t easy. I know all too well how deeply isolating, painful, and terrifying it is to find your OASIS. That’s why I’m here to guide, support, and empower you.

Let’s raise your self-worth and step into your power

Mentorship committed to making goal-getters become deeply SELF-ASSURED impact-makers



Questions? I got you!


Hazel works as a certified Hypnotherapist, EFT, NLP, Life and success and Time Techniques Practitioner. She is the founder of Project Antiporta; a personal brand and online platform focused on holistic living, inner-child empowerment and self-love.


When you invest in yourself with me, there will always be a high return; a coaching investment is a way to guarantee a personal commitment and that you follow-through with the transformations you deserve. People who work with Hazel experience deep breakthroughs, powerful changes and sustainable results because Hazel empowers you to show up for your future self.  


In order for us to see change, we would have to do consistent work together. On average, my clients have noticed change by the second call. They have seen exponential growth within the first month. However, to keep these results sustainable, and make sure the seeds that have been planted don’t get blown away, we would work on average of 12 weeks.


Here, I directly help you heal your wounded inner-child, so you release the anchor that is holding you back from succeeding in the life you deserve. With the “seeds”; that no longer serve a purpose are being “dugged” out, she also works with the three main pillars of life: the mind-body and soul. That way, you can take your mindset, well-being and self-care to the next level to design a balanced + aligned lifestyle you are obsessed with waking up to every day. I get you to transform your personal growth, development and support you in health, wellness and success in all areas of your life.

what IS YOUR coaching method?

My coaching method revolves around the 6 step seed method cycle. we analyze the blueprint subconscious mind, looking at it like a garden. We first identify the problem(s) and then work on eliminating them and replacing them with new beliefs or “seeds”. After that, the new beliefs are planted, we nourish them with a new lifestyle plan. Then, we reevaluate your environment and identify changes that will support your growth. Next, we work on nurturing those “seeds” or beliefs to make sure your growth will be consistent and strong. Lastly, we will look towards the future and work on cultivating the mindset and energy of the self-assured version of you that you have been seeking. 


Many people can benefit from coaching, depending upon the kind of challenge they face and upon the sensitivity, education, training, and experience of the practitioner. Although coaches are not subject to the same strict standards, legal licensing requirements as therapists, most coaches are certified with specific technique modalities. This is not necessarily a reason to rule out seeing a coach who is a good fit for you and your situation.

Whether you choose to receive coaching or therapy, it’s important to find someone who’s a good fit for you. What Hazel does in her program, she focuses on the past first and sees what behavioural traits aren’t working for you. Then, she takes them out and replants new beliefs that will help you in the long run, making sure the techniques are future focus but also tying up the loose ends of the past while creating action plans in the now