The path to your OASIS will lead you to the transformational journey you've always desired.

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A customized program that will guide you to your aligned path. We will create a strategy + hone into spirituality using my signature methods on breaking your generational cycles through inner-child healing.    

Hear this journey from a client himself. 

You can to go after your dreams, and feel like nothing can hold you back; you can just do it instead of critically thinking so much. 

You can become brave, unshakeable and be unstoppable with yourself — in all aspects of life

You can honour other people’s emotions about you and still do what you’re called for — guilt free. 

You can detach yourself from your stressors because you know you’re good enough with and without anything.

You can let go of the struggles of doing all this yourself.

Yeah, you got it!!

My life dreams and goals don’t need to be put on pause for others? 

I can stop self-sabotaging myself and put those boundaries and self-care routine first?

I don’t have to play small and hide to make others comfortable anymore? 

AND I can take the time to figure out what I'm meant to do? Discover who I am and what my passions are?

So Hazel, so you're saying that...

I don’t have to feel guilty about other people’s emotions towards me?

Ready for a life without self-blame, people-pleasing or thinking you’re not good enough? You can stand in your power and be unshakeable from other people's opinions. It's time to bring that power back into yourself so you can move without resistance.


As a private VIP client of mine, you will receive a detailed coaching concept including all of the topics we will work through together, an accountability strategy, as well as a toolbox that I will hand over to you so you can maintain your work after our partnership ends.

Weekly one-on-one sessions

You receive weekly 1hr and 30-minute sessions where all the magic happens. We’ll dive into your mindset and integrate deep self-healing to get you to a place of self-worth, self-love, boundary setting, healthy communication,  and establish a balance of masculine and feminine energy. We’ll get you to a place where you put your inner child first, using it as a gateway to happiness.

After each call, I will forward you a recap with everything we discussed on our call + all the strategies you need to stay on top of your goals. We will also have constant communication with one another through Voxer as I will be sending your daily/weekly/monthly homework on there!

Support via Voxer

My Signature Tools

My eyes on your development 

A personalized coaching concept

This includes tools, info sheets, worksheets and personalized meditation recordings for you to do the work in between our sessions. You’ll gain access to journaling exercises to help you reach full awareness to get you to the place you desire. With these tools, you can structure your lifestyle in a way that feels in-flow, effortless and aligned. I will make sure that you get everything you need, every step of the way.

Exclusive High-Value Resources

As a certified NLP, Time Techniques, Hypnosis and EFT tapping Practitioner, I have all the tools to support you in creating massive break-throughs and shifts on an identity level. Besides those, I have also developed my own tools over the course of the past 5 years that only my private 1:1 clients experience.


My clients’ all-time FAVOURITE perk! Imagine having your life + success coach personally available for anything that’s on your mind: helping you stay on track with your goals, rewiring your belief system and taking consistent action for accelerated results in between calls. I will have your back 7 days per week to cheer and support you when things come up.

So far, this feels good in your stomach, but your mind is trying to grasp the logistics right? 

the details:

All of this for: $997/month



We have become conditioned by society's claims that it is greedy or selfish to dream of a life on our own terms, to place boundaries, or to even challenge the beliefs they passed on to us.

This is for those who want to be free from that guilt, learning to live unapologetically within themselves, and create a life from their own heart without fear of judgment or guilt from others.


That's you, isn't it?

Now, take some time and dream with me for a moment. What would happen if this transformation happened to your life?

It’s 8am, and you just completed your personalized morning routine. You feel powerful — knowing that the lifestyle you always dreamt of is here. The emotional intelligence, the healthy relationships are here and more are coming for you, no matter what. 

As you took time to fill yourself up in the morning, you finally check your phone and wished your healthy relationships "good morning"… because this time, you have an overflow of energy where you can give your energy to others. You have a healthy dependence on yourself because you feel safe within. You no longer chasing for this acceptance. 

You feel so relaxed, creative and even more magnetic knowing that everything is working in your favours and that you know you’re always supported. You unapologetically feel free to work 150% towards your dreams at ease to create and build things from your heart without the internalized fears of judgement from others. 

Are you ready to level up? 

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what my clients are saying



As we build your foundations up, I will show you how to own your power; making sure the things we once searched for comes from within. When it comes to owning your power, it doesn’t mean to be in your typical hustling energy but to release yourself from your reaction, story, and attachments. This stage is about mastering your energy within the divine feminine and masculine. You allow yourself to be a consistent match for the goal you create, but constantly detaching to the outcome. This stage will help you prepare for the next stage where we will speed up your reality.

While making it habitual to allow yourself to surrender, we will strengthen your muscle memory with your purpose codes. When you learn how to apply the 80/20 rule in your life, I will also help you learn how to live through your hearts, detaching from an ego-based desire.

This topic is quite abstract to type but if you can distinguish between the ego and the heart after passing through these pillars, you will magnetize life. While the ego thinks it is protecting us, it’s just a part of us that’s chaining us. When we live in our power within the present moment – we live in inspiration, knowing everything is coming for us.




We don’t choose our original beliefs, it chooses us. In order for us to get to the goal, we must first see what belief system we are operating in. 

The beliefs we have about ourselves are the most important ones. They’re the ones that guide our every action, reaction, and behaviour. But when we attach ourselves to a story based on our beliefs, we will keep showing up to be that person in the story instead of ourselves. Here we will challenge the beliefs that aren’t working for you. Because most of the beliefs we have about ourselves aren’t ours. They’re told to us in our childhood or brought into our bodies right when we were born in the structure of our DNA. These are stories from our ancestors. 

When we do a deep reprogramming of our belief system, we will change the stories we tell ourselves - because, we shape ourselves through the knowledge of the past. By allowing us to close the past, we become present — creating a fulfilling future.


Once we slowly release the programs that were once attached to you, we can start to build a foundation that will set you up for a purposeful and driven life. As I create pillars for your client map, we will see what beliefs are congruent with your growth. We will build your foundations up. The things you seek in your external reality are the things you are seeking within.

In order to achieve our goals, we have to build those foundations so that you can understand that your mind already has the understanding you were meant for more. In this phase, we are going to be working with your energetics so you can be a vibrational match to your goal. 

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Let's level UP your life.

Are you ready to take your mindset, healing, well-being and be intentional with everything you do? Are you ready to take your life to the next level to design a balanced + aligned life you are obsessed to wake up to every day?


Are you ready...?