In four months, I will teach you how to change your reality by tuning into your stories.

 You’re going to finally feel at home. 

The Breakdown

Here’s what’s right around the corner for you

Unlock the transformative "Oasis Foundations" model and reshape your reality by breaking free from limiting cycles. Discover the four pillars to achieve healthy relationships, find your ideal partner, embrace a meaningful lifestyle, and pursue a purposeful career. Develop a powerful lifestyle structure that attracts abundant opportunities, empowering you to say goodbye to burnout and regain your energy and enthusiasm. Embrace your true self with an authentic plan, confidently owning your space without feeling stuck or lost. This journey will build a life that exudes confidence and magnetism, announcing to the world, "You're IT!" 

YET... Can I be honest?

If there’s one thing I don’t like about the coaching industry is that there’s always a brand new strategy promising to bring results, but in reality, only a few clients ever achieve them
(I know you’ve seen it too).

Usually what happens is you sign up for a program and you come to realize that the “proven strategy” is like a cheap one size fits all Christmas sweater. And now you’ve made an investment that feels like a waste of time and you're still stuck.

Still playing small
Still trying to chase people
Still feeling lost
Still saying yes to things that don’t feel right

Understanding what needs to be done yet feeling stuck in the same place can be frustrating. Many people share this challenge. Having knowledge is one thing, but implementing it can seem daunting. Remember, to truly revolutionize your strategy, you need to alter your approach. It's about changing the game and carving a new path to success and fulfillment.

Still not feeling good enough.

We're stepping into an era where we challenge societal norms that have conditioned us to feel guilty about dreaming of a life on our own terms, about setting boundaries, or even about questioning inherited beliefs. We understand that it may seem daunting, but remember, you're not alone in this journey.

Together, we can change our narratives, reassess our decisions, and reclaim our individual power. We can rewrite the rules and forge our own path. So, let us unite in our quest for self-realization and personal growth, supporting each other as we dare to dream, create boundaries, and challenge the status quo. 


A New Way Forward in Our Space

Hear this journey from a client himself. 


Here's what you get INSIDE OF


Essential Resources for Elevated Growth


Tailored Coaching PLANS

1:1 private calls

Guiding Your Journey to Expansion

Receive a detailed summary of our discussions, alongside key strategies to maintain your goal alignment. Additionally, benefit from a shared folder where I'll offer real-time feedback on your tasks and assignments.

Receive a personalized coaching plan tailored to your individual needs and ambitions. Weekly customized homework and challenges will be assigned to solidify your knowledge and put your skills to the test.

 In addition to these sessions, you'll receive unlimited in-between support through Voxer, ensuring you are never left unsupported on your journey.

 In addition to these sessions, you'll receive unlimited in-between support through Voxer, ensuring you are never left unsupported on your journey.

Gain exclusive access to the Oasis Vault and related courses designed to strengthen your new beliefs and habits, equipping you with the tools needed for sustained personal growth and success.

This comprehensive coaching program includes seventeen 90-minute one-on-one sessions, all hosted via Google Meets, providing you with personalized, direct support. 


what my clients are saying



Sessions will be held via Google Meets. Don’t worry, it will be casual AND impactful. Come ready to learn. BRING your notebook and the questions you want me to answer! It’s time to let go and discover something bigger.

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Fill out the deep Session application form below so I can get to know you Better.

Once the invoice is fulfilled, your seat is saved and we are ready to rock and roll!

Book your session by following the link in the application form and pay the invoice.

Here’s what you get
17 90 minte 1:1 sesions
Hosted via google meets
Unlimited support in-between sessions
Ongoing accountablility to reach your life goals
Weekly customized homework and challenges to solidify your knowledge 
Access to the oasis vault + daily trainings to strengthen your new beliefs

You can to go after your dreams, and feel like nothing can hold you back; you can just do it instead of critically thinking so much. 

You can become brave, unshakeable and be unstoppable with yourself — in all aspects of life

You can honour other people’s emotions about you and still do what you’re called for — guilt free. 

You can detach yourself from your stressors because you know you’re good enough with and without anything.

You can let go of the struggles of doing all this yourself.

Yeah, you got it!!

My life dreams and goals don’t need to be put on pause for others? 

I can stop self-sabotaging myself and put those boundaries and self-care routine first?

I don’t have to play small and hide to make others comfortable anymore? 

AND I can take the time to figure out what I'm meant to do? Discover who I am and what my passions are?

So Hazel, so you're saying that...

I don’t have to feel guilty about other people’s emotions towards me?

Ready for a life without self-blame, people-pleasing or thinking you’re not good enough? You can stand in your power and be unshakeable from other people's opinions. It's time to bring that power back into yourself so you can move without resistance.


Are you ready to level up? 

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Are you ready...?

Let's level UP your life.

Are you ready to take your mindset, healing, well-being and be intentional with everything you do? Are you ready to take your life to the next level to design a balanced + aligned life you are obsessed to wake up to every day?


Are you ready...?