This exercise will help you if:

No matter how hard you try to change your habits and lifestyle, your inner voice tells you that you’re not capable of it.

You constantly second guess your relationships and friendships

Your inner voice is so loud, you feel like you're at war with yourself at times. 

You constantly point out, scold yourself, and over-stress things you don’t like about your situation, your mistakes, your life, yourself, or even others. 

What you'll learn:

What it means to build your foundation of self, and how to do it.

Why reprogramming is so important if you want to create a sustainable change in your life.

What your inner self is really craving.

Clues to what is blocking you and keeping you stuck. 

What you want your life to feel and look like.

That this voice isn't you. 

Get a taste of what our private 1:1 mentorship looks like in this Free Inner Critic Exercise.

A PDF breakdown of why you might have an inner critic
Explanation of the wounded inner child + generational chains
Your inner child hypnosis
Seven-step journal prompts

You'll get: