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Imagine a life without self-blame, people-pleasing or thinking you’re not enough. A life where you stand up to your negative self-narratives. One where you are confident enough to get what you deserve. Let’s dig deep into your past so you can transform your life.


What we'll cover


strengthen your connection with the higher power and connect to your best self

When you pay attention to those top 3 pillars, you will establish a lifestyle that will make you want to jump out of bed full of gratitude and happiness.

We will integrate daily spiritual practices so you can deepen the connection between yourself and God/a higher power.



We will find your optimal balance between rest, work, sleep, nutrition and daily habits by discovering what makes you feel your best.

GET intentional with your physical health to magnify your well-being 

We will watch your mind transform with NLP, hypnosis, EFT Tapping and TIME Techniques

redesign the blueprint of your mind to cultivate a deep intimacy with yourself

Unchain yourself from emotional baggage and the need from external approval from others. 

Learn how to let go of what you cannot control and trust the process of life.

Learn to integrate boundaries that work for you.

Learn how to heal your inner child and make them the spotlight of your life. 

Create a daily/weekly routine and self-care practices to ground your mind, body and soul. 

Develop the most authentic version of YOU and your values 

we will:

After working with me over the next three months,

The reason why I stand by these three pillars is because humans are tri-dimensional.  To create harmony, we need a balance between strength, resilience and flow

There is a connection between our mind, body and spirit. The thoughts we sow in our mind will affect our physical well-being. the way we look after our physical body will determine our emotional (spiritual) well-being.

In each area, we are what we are because of the seeds we have sown, seeds we have sown in our mind, in our body and in our spirit. we always reap what we sow. the seeds we’ve planted are the causes of our disease; the symptoms we experience are simply the harvest.

Now, it’s time to take an audit and see what beliefs we have to dig out and replant so your mindset can help you propel your growth and recover from any self-sabotaging behaviours.

My 3 month one on one signature program towards ambitious men and women in their mid 20’s and 30’s who want to level up their mindset, connect with their inner child and find the best way to take care of their body and connect their soul to God/higher power for ultimate fulfillment, happiness and self-realization.


That's you, isn't it?

Cultivate Within


for you to level up

sound familiar?

Spending time investing in a lot of books on personal development, attending many workshops/classes, and listening to endless hours of podcasts on how you can work on yourself but nothing is working?

Struggling to set boundaries and continuing to attract the wrong kind of partner?

Tired of talking about your problems in therapy, testing out different coaching methods and nothing seems to work?

Want to learn the best self-care practices to integrate into your life?

Want to end your mental self-destructive cycle and live a life with acceptance and self-worth

Want to feel happy in the present and learn to stop comparing yourself to others?

I remember what it feels like to be lost and helpless, trying different ways to “fix” myself. I grew up with emotional and mental abuse. I saw how the pain and baggage I carried sabotaged my relationships, careers and my health. I started to heal my mind, body and soul all through the lenses of my inner child. Trauma affects us emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically. In order for us to transform, we must heal and forgive the past.

I founded Project Antiporta as part of my mission to help others heal their past traumas. I guide individuals around the world on their healing journey, so they look within and their unconscious and transform their life to reach a place of acceptance and flow. My approach is supported by scientific research while simultaneously bringing in with ancient teachings from the East.

Through my signature work, I have helped people heal from body issues such as chronic illnesses, chest and neck pain, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, as well as to have stronger emotional relationships with themselves & others. From this, the people that I have worked with started to radiate the confidence that allowed them to THRIVE in their relationships & other aspects of their lives.

I am trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Life and Success Coaching, and am continuously expanding my knowledge base in different elements of trauma healing.

I look forward to supporting you on your transformational journey!

Love, Hazel.

I hear you.

I was in your spot before. But, I’ve learnt how to get to the other side. Your transformational journey is possible!

if people say no, you say hell yes

As a private VIP client of mine, you will receive a detailed coaching concept including all of the topics we will work through together, an accountability strategy, as well as a toolbox that I will hand over to you so you can maintain your work after our partnership ends.

Weekly one-on-one sessions

You receive weekly 1hr and 30-minute sessions where all the magic happens. We’ll dive into your mindset and integrate deep self-healing to get you to a place of self-worth, self-love, boundary setting, healthy communication,  and establish a balance of masculine and feminine energy. We’ll get you to a place where you put your inner child first, using it as a gateway to happiness.

After each call, I will forward you a recap with everything we discussed on our call + all the strategies you need to stay on top of your goals. We will also have constant communication with one another through Voxer as I will be sending your daily/weekly/monthly homework on there!

Support via Voxer

My Signature Tools

My eyes on your development 

A personalized coaching concept

This includes tools, info sheets, worksheets and personalized meditation recordings for you to do the work in between our sessions. You’ll gain access to journaling exercises to help you reach full awareness to get you to the place you desire. With these tools, you can structure your lifestyle in a way that feels in-flow, effortless and aligned. I will make sure that you get everything you need, every step of the way.

Exclusive High-Value Resources

As a certified NLP, Time Techniques, Hypnosis and EFT tapping Practitioner, I have all the tools to support you in creating massive break-throughs and shifts on an identity level. Besides those, I have also developed my own tools over the course of the past 5 years that only my private 1:1 clients experience.


/ payment plans available

My clients’ all-time FAVOURITE perk! Imagine having your life + success coach personally available for anything that’s on your mind: helping you stay on track with your goals, rewiring your belief system and taking consistent action for accelerated results in between calls. I will have your back 7 days per week to cheer and support you when things come up.

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You’re on the right path - this program right here will lead to the answers you’ve been looking for, and it’s all within you. But this decision is ultimately up to you to see that. 

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3 Common Questions About Coaching

When you commit to the work and you're dedicated to the journey, you will see change. All you have to do is be ready and show up. Hazel will be there for you every step of the way. If you commit to yourself, Hazel will commit to you 100%.  You will not recognize yourself 3 months from now. 

Will This Work For Me?

This coaching experience is unmatched. On a weekly basis Hazel will meet with you virtually for 1.5 hours of deep-focus, intentional and strategic coaching. Unlimited email or Voxer support is also included. Throughout the journey together, you will feel more loved, understood and supported than anywhere else in your life. 

What Does Coaching Include?

When you invest in yourself with me, there will always be a high return; a coaching investment is a way to guarantee a personal commitment and follow-through to the transformations you deserve. People who work with Hazel experience deep breakthroughs, powerful changes and sustainable results because Hazel empowers you to show up for your future self.  

Will The Investment Be Worth It?

If you are stuck in the same toxic mental cycle, struggle to break away from negative self-narratives, don’t worry - you’ve come to the right place.

I will help you get on the path you want to live in and guide you through a transformation of healing, personal growth, and development. 

Your dreams are waiting for you...

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Aisha A.
- Author and Poet


"Right from the first session, with Hazel HIT ME right where the sun doesn’t shine. But it was absolutely necessary. I was getting back out there after months of solitude due to a failed relationship, and was a full on avoidant when it came to love.  Hazel took me on a journey using her techniques and I felt instant transformation. Her approaches are ethical, empathetic, and authentic. 

You won’t get straight up feedback from anywhere else. Through her creative methods, I was able to see my life on a timeline and pinpoint where my avoidant behaviour derived from, which lead to permanent healing. I was finally able to face love and intimacy without wanting to run away or hide.

client love

After working through childhood trauma and shadow work, I can confidently say that Hazel has helped me build skills that create deeper intimacy with myself as well as the relationships in my life. I’m THRILLED to have started sessions with Hazel and I’m excited to see where they lead me. Change was visible after the first session"!! 

Dhara Singh
- New York Times Journalist 

My experience with Hazel in our sessions was nurturing and transformative! I hadn’t known her prior to our session but her energy was warm and familiar for me. After just a few minutes I felt like she was not only a coach but my friend and cheerleader for a very long time.

Hazel practices integrity and alignment in her sessions while remaining free spirited. 
Her expertise stems from the fact she had been through the very experiences she’s coaching you on. This is why I know I can trust her with all my mindset roadblocks, because she has conquered hers and is thriving.

If you’re looking for someone to make transformative shifts in your healing and step into the next level you, I recommend Hazel. She provides a loving and light hearted environment as well as smart strategies for you to achieve your goals!”


Client love

Adrianna Michelle
- Two Time Heart Transplant Recipient

Hazel has preformed her incredible techniques on me, she has truly helped me keep my highest self close to me. A session with her always allows me to bounce back and truly feel aligned with my goals!

Every session is powerful and transforming! She truly is a hard worker, she is dedicated in everything she has an interest in and takes the time to discover all the aspects. She is truly one of kind and I’m grateful that she has crossed my path in life, she has truly helped me discover myself in new exciting ways!


client love

Tamoor B.
- Business Analyst


“Working with Hazel was an absolute pleasure. She cares about your progress as if it’s her own. I came from a place not knowing where this would lead. But she gave me her word and I trust that she was going to take care of me.

She fulfilled that promise alright. Right after the first call, I couldn’t believe how much change happened. 

And every call after that, I was transforming into the person I always dreamt of. But don’t forget that you have to bring a crucial thing, a motivation to improve and she will work with you as long as you show motivation. Until now, I have grown so much within a matter of months. Nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. I’m excited for you all to start your new journey”

Tiffany Lin
- Real Estate Investor 

"Hazel has helped me integrate my internal conflicts. She has guided me to realize that the part of me that I wasn’t proud of myself in fact was coming from a place of love.

It was a very powerful session with Hazel. Her patience and beautiful personality made her even more enjoyable to work with. If anyone is looking for a transformation, Hazel is your girl"! 


client love

Kara Latta
- Play Coach


client love

"I instantly felt connected to Hazel's warm presence. She’s engaging, caring, thoughtful, and a wonderful listener. She encouraged me, uplifted me and supported all of my goals.

She took me through a beautiful, deeply relaxing hypnosis that boosted my confidence, released tension and energized me going forward. I left feeling peaceful, motivated and ready to rock my dreams. Thank you, Hazel"!

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Are you ready to take your mindset, healing, well-being and be intentional with everything you do? Are you ready to take your life to the next level to design a balanced + aligned life you are obsessed to wake up to every day?


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